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        Academic Affairs

David L. Jamison, J.D.
Provost & Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
 Office of the Provost
412-397-6225 phone
412-397-3851 fax
Patrick Henry 211
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Derya A. Jacobs, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Study
 Office of the Provost
412-397-6363 phone
412-397-3851 fax
Patrick Henry 212
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David R. Majka, Ed.D.
Vice Provost
 Office of the Provost
412-397-5443 phone
412-397-6847 fax
Patrick Henry 311
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Lawrence A. Tomei, Ed.D.
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
 Office of the Provost
412-397-6229 phone
412-397-3851 fax
Patrick Henry 214
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Carol Bonner, B.S.
Athletic Certification Specialist
 Academic Affairs
412-397-4915 phone
412-397-6499 fax
Revere Center 104
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Terri Byrnes, B.S.
Engaged Learning Advisor
 Academic Affairs
412-397-6430 phone
412-397-6847 fax
Patrick Henry 301
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Johnna L. Kile
Administrative Assistant
 Academic Affairs
412-397-6226 phone
412-397-3851 fax
Patrick Henry 209
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Lisa P. Nauman, A.S.
Administrative Coordinator
 Academic Affairs
412-397-6227 phone
412-397-2528 fax
Patrick Henry 217
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Lauren L. Rauscher, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Women's Leadership & Mentorship Program
 Academic Affairs
412-397-5916 phone
Nicholson Center 461
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Renee L. Lyles, ASB
Secretary, Part-Time
 Academic Affairs
412-397-5956 phone
412-397-6847 fax
Patrick Henry 302
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Christopher M. Macy
ROTC Instructor
 Academic Affairs
412-397-5425 phone
Jefferson Center Ll
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Associated Departments and/or Programs:

    171st Air Wing
    Academic Proficiency and Cultural Bridge Division
    Academic Services
    Admissions - On-line Programs
    Center for Global Engagement
    Continuing Education
    Honors Program
        Media Services
    On-Line & Off Campus Programs
    Pittsburgh Technology Institute (PTI)
    Regional Learning Alliance
    Research and Grant Administration
    School of Business
    School of Communications and Information Systems
        Academic Media Center
        Center for Documentary Production & Study
        Computer and Information Systems
        English Department
        Media Arts
        Organizational Leadership
    School of Education and Social Sciences
        Ph.D. in Education
        Social Sciences
        Teacher Education Office
    School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science
        PRIME & Outreach Programs
        SEMS - ROC
    School of Nursing and Health Sciences
        Health Services Administration
        Nuclear Medicine
    Veterans Education & Training Center

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