Course Descriptions for the English Studies & Communications Skills Department

List of all courses and their descriptions
List of all courses, their descriptions and offerings in the schedule book

ELIT1040 - Readn Literature:Coming Of Age (Course Code was formerly: EN244)
ELIT1050 - Readng Lit:Classics/Cntr Trad (Course Code was formerly: EN250)
ELIT1060 - Reading Literature: Myths (Course Code was formerly: EN257)
ELIT1070 - Childrens Literature (Course Code was formerly: EN275)
ELIT2000 - The Study Of Literature
ELIT2010 - The Study Of The Essay
ELIT2030 - African Amer Lit & Experience (Course Code was formerly: ELIT1030)
ELIT2040 - Literature and Medicine
ELIT2050 - Classic, Myth, & World Lit
ELIT2055 - World Literature (Course Code was formerly: EN382)
ELIT2065 - Honors World Literature
ELIT2080 - Women and Literature (Course Code was formerly: ELIT1080)
ELIT3020 - Sem In Lit: Poetry (Course Code was formerly: ELIT3510)
ELIT3040 - Sem In Lit: Fitzgerld/Hemingwy (Course Code was formerly: EN400)
ELIT3050 - Sem In Lit: Yeats/Joyce (Course Code was formerly: EN401)
ELIT3060 - Sem In Lit: Styles Mod Theater (Course Code was formerly: EN402)
ELIT3070 - Sem In Lit: 19th Century Novel (Course Code was formerly: EN403)
ELIT3080 - American Lit Before 1865
ELIT3090 - American Lit From 1865-Present
ELIT3120 - British Literature To 1789
ELIT3130 - British Literature 1789-Presen (Course Code was formerly: ELIT3030)
ELIT3520 - Dramatic Art Of Shakespeare (Course Code was formerly: ELIT2520)
ELIT4800 - Seminar In English Studies (Course Code was formerly: EN410)


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